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9 Basketball Fundamentals You Need to Become a Positionless Player

  • Matt Jones

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Basketball, like any other sport, requires a fundamental understanding of rules, skills, and strategies. However, over the years, the game has evolved, and what was once considered standard practice is no longer the norm. At Hoops Strength, we focus on the basics which can help you become a successful player. We focus on one player to four player sessions. This maximizes the focus on each individual.In this blog, we will explore nine of them that will turn you into an all-around player who can contribute to any team.

Dribbling is the foundation of basketball, and it's crucial to improve your ball-handling skills. Work on dribbling with both hands, controlling the ball in tight spaces, and changing directions quickly to become more agile.
Passing is another essential basketball skill, and it forms the basis of teamwork on the court. Practice passing with both hands, using different types of passes like bounce, chest, and overhead passes, and learn to anticipate the movements of your teammates.
Shooting is where you score points, and it's a crucial skill to have if you want to be a positionless player. Work on your form, practice shooting from different angles and distances, and learn to shoot in traffic.
Rebounding is often an underrated skill, but it's vital to winning games. Practice boxing out opponents and positioning yourself to grab rebounds on both ends of the court.
Defense wins championships, and it's important to be a solid defender if you want to be a positionless player. Work on your footwork, stay low, and learn to move laterally to stay in front of your opponent.
Court Vision
Court vision is the ability to read the game and anticipate what's going to happen next. Practice scanning the court, knowing where your teammates are, and identifying scoring opportunities.
Off-ball Movement
Being a positionless player means being able to move off the ball and create scoring opportunities for yourself and your teammates. Practice cutting, setting screens, and spacing yourself on the court.
Communication is essential in basketball, and it's critical to be vocal on the court. Learn to call out screens, shout for the ball, and communicate with your teammates on defense.
Mental Toughness
Basketball is a physical game, but it's also a mentally challenging one. Work on developing mental toughness, which means being able to bounce back from mistakes, stay focused, and execute your game plan even under pressure.

Becoming a positionless player is not an easy feat. It requires mastering several basketball fundamentals, including dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, defense, court vision, off-ball movement, communication, and mental toughness. If you are looking for basketball training, then contact, Hoops Strength. Our experienced trainers also add basketball skill sessions to meet the needs of each prospective client.

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